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2009-12-14 19:04:13 by TheMassEffect

We just set up our revenue sharing on our page, and we have already made some $ (not much)... so here is where we ask for your help :) it is completely free and simple, just tell ur friends to visit our newgrounds page ( and we make money! if you enjoy our music, plz give back by telling some friends!!!

-The Mass Effect


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2010-01-03 16:41:23

Share the link huh?
i will dude
cuz ur songs just rock x)
i dont care is nice
freaking nice
i listen to it lots of times
and im not kiding



TheMassEffect responds:

thank you very much, it's really helping us out! i really appreciate it :) and yeah, "i don't care" is one of my personal favorites too.


2010-05-17 21:50:35

just found you guys out a couple hours ago and i've got to say i love what i'm hearin so far man
i listened to some from 09 then this year and it's obvious that you've been gettin a lot better, so definitely keep up the great work!
i'm surprised you guys haven't had much more attention and views on your songs, you have some really great stuff so far, especially the 2 newest ones (from today i think?) the beat is more crisp and your sound is just a lot better.
again, some really good stuff so far man, and i'm sure the best is yet to come.
definitely gona tell my friends to check you guys out. keep up the great work!


2013-04-19 16:45:46
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This is my friend at my party with this song.