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2009-11-26 16:49:49 by TheMassEffect

Thank you for checkin out our music, we really appreciate it! Anyway, we will be releasing new songs in the near future with a slight change in our sound. You may know us for our clubby, auto-tune tracks, but we are starting to get a bit more organic. We are using much less auto-tune (only on club tracks) and have started to use more natural sounds, as opposed to the synths you will hear in some of our tracks. Overall, really not much of a change, because we will still have the same sound; it will just be more natural. We really appreciate each and every one of you for giving our music a chance, and will be posting some new music for yall madddd soon!!

-The Mass Effect


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2009-11-29 22:06:17

Your stuff is fye. Where else can we find your stuff? Myspace? Facebook? Purevolume?

(Updated ) TheMassEffect responds:

you can also find us on myspace, but under our individual pages. is me, the singer, and e
is Massecre, who is the lyricist in our music.